Don’t feel like exercising? Thai clinic introduces instant six-pack

The Masterpiece hospital in the Thai capital Bangkok has introduced an innovative plastic surgery technique with which men can get…

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Lose weight while sleeping: this formula calculates calories you burn

If you decide to lose a few pounds, diet and exercise are probably the first things that come to mind.…

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#KoalaChallenge, one of the most difficult challenges [Videos]

#KoalaChallenge! New challenge after ten years challenge. This new challenge began to flood social networks and has been characterized by…

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7 ways to make January more fun

How can I make January to be more fun? The party is over, the Christmas tree breaks down and the…

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Little less? Study proves that losing weight is mainly in your head

You also devour one chocolate after another as soon as you are stressed, emotional or anxious? You are not the…

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Jen Selter looks extreme hot with her new bikini [Photo]

Jen Selter is one of the hottest fitness models of social networks and this weekend she closed with a flourish,…

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You stay fit and healthy in these five jobs

Do you dislike the idea of spending your work life on a boring desk chair? Then it might be interesting…

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These bad habits that make you gain weight

Weight is a datum interpreted differently in Africa and in Europe. In whites, keeping their line is synonymous with good…

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