A two-day search does not produce anything, the tracking dog finds the man alive after 45 minutes

Tracking dog Jupiter has been named hero in France. After only 45 minutes, the bloodhound managed to find a resident…

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Mother of 4 children electrocuted after smartphone falls into tub

In Dinant’s hospital, a mother (30) of four children was killed last weekend due to electrocution. The woman probably dropped…

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Mayor instructs residents to laugh and be happy for a week

Residents of a French municipality near the Atlantic coast, have been imposed remarkable new municipal regulations. They have to laugh…

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Burglar freely leaves DNA behind, wants to go back to prison to watch Canal+ in cell

A burglar intentionally left traces of DNA in the southern French homes where he struck. The ex-jail customer (25) wanted…

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US, Great Britain, and France possibly guilty of war crimes

The United States, Great Britain, and France could be complicit in war crimes in Yemen. After all, the Western countries…

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Girl (1.5) died after car accident: parents let her die alone

A 1.5-year-old girl died in a hospital in France after fatally injured in a traffic accident caused by her drunken…

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Tourists held for taking 40kg of sand from beach as souvenir

Italian customs have arrested a French couple who wanted to leave the island of Sardinia with 40 kilograms of beach…

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4-months baby suffocates in plastic foil during sleep

In Grand Quevilly, a commune near the town of Rouen in the French region of Normandy, a terrible tragedy occurred…

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