Israel bombarded Hamas plants after rocket attack

Fighters of the Israeli army attacked installations of Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip last night. According to military…

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Trump calls on Palestinians to stop violence against Israel

The American president Donald Trump has called on the Palestinians to stop the violence against Israel. “We support Israel 100…

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Why Iron Dome failed to intercept rockets fired by terrorist group Hamas

The missile shield (Iron Dome) has only intercepted 150 of the 600 missiles fired from Gaza that have caused at…

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Israel reacts after rocket attack from Gaza Strip

The Israeli army has attacked several Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip as a response to a rocket attack. The…

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Palestinian refugee runs London Marathon to provide clean water for Gazans

A veteran athlete, the heart of Mohammad Al-Qadi, 28, started beating fast as he rushed to London on April 22…

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Nathalie Portman cancels her trip to Israel, discover the reason

“Because of the recent events,” says the American-Israeli actress, her “conscience” dictates that she is not going to inaugurate in…

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“Return march” in Gaza: another 4 dead

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on Friday, April 21, at the foot of the separation barrier between the Gaza Strip and…

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