Couple finds poisonous scorpion in luggage after holiday in Namibia

A couple from Cologne, Germany, found a poisonous scorpion in their suitcase while unpacking their luggage after a holiday in…

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How the Berlin Wall fell by accident: after the mistake of one man

It is exactly 30 years ago that the Berlin Wall fell, the 43 kilometer long separation of concrete and barbed…

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This car is literally dazzling and was therefore taken off the road

The police in Dusseldorf, Germany, took a shiny gold-colored car off the road yesterday. According to the police, the car…

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Halle’s perpetrator published anti-Semitic manifesto: “kill as many anti-whites”

The suspected perpetrator of yesterday's attack on a synagogue in Halle, in the south-east of Germany, has published an anti-Semitic…

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Man died in a flat for eight years without anyone noticing

For eight years, a German man was lying dead in his apartment before he was discovered. Next to his dead…

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Aminata Touré, young lady from Mali, elected vice-president of parliament in Germany

The 26-year-old German woman was elected Vice-President of the Regional Parliament of the State of Schleswig-Holstein on Wednesday (August 28),…

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Mother forces four children to sit in a wheelchair to be able to commit social fraud

A German mother (49) lied to her children and the government for years that they were seriously ill. All this…

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Shoplifter turns out to be an internationally wanted bank robber

Whoever thinks that bank robbers, after their actions, take the first plane to a bounty island, is wrong. Some people…

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