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These six foods make your skin shine

Get up, splash some water in your face and start your day. Not all of us have a peach skin…

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Big burns due to Fitbit: is wearing a sports watch dangerous?

Last week it became clear that two people had suffered severe burns by wearing a Fitbit sports watch. Does it…

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Marcus begs for new kidney during a football match and goes viral

While other fans wrote a funny message hoping to get into the picture briefly during a football match, Marcus Edwards,…

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This is what comfort food looks like all over the world

Comfort food is like a hug for your taste buds. When everything is going against you, a good portion of…

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Ellen (25) sustains severe burns from Fitbit: “I woke up and felt my arm burn”

A young woman from Merksem in Antwerp claims to have suffered severe burns due to her Fitbit, a watch that…

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Women pose to break the taboo around the alopecia hair condition

Alopecia is a condition in which someone suddenly becomes (partly) bald. In this autoimmune-mediated disease, your own body attacks the…

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How to tackle winter ailments such as blown lips and dry skin

The winter cold has reached but does not exactly improve our appearance. The sharp wind and central heating running at…

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Attention to Halloween: some pumpkins are poisonous

In the weeks of Halloween, you can see pumpkins in all shapes and colors. But not every pumpkin is edible.…

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