Alcohol addiction can already be predicted from the first glass of alcohol you drink

One can easily drink two glasses and then stop, while the other continues to drink without thinking about the consequences.…

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“Without immediate action, climate change will affect health of entire generation”

Climate change already has major consequences for the health of children around the world and threatens the well-being of an…

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Cow with zebra stripes: funny for us, terrifying for flies

An unusual sight: a cow with the stripes of a zebra. However, the above cow was not painted because it…

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Cancer replaces cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries

Cancer has replaced cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death for 35 – to 70-year-olds in rich countries. This…

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Sitting more than 9 hours a day is dangerous

Anyone who sits at a desk for more than nine hours a day has a higher risk of premature death,…

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This diet follows Chris Hemsworth to get into ‘Thor’ form

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has been playing Thor’s role since 2011 and has no fewer than seven ‘Marvel’ films…

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DNA test turned the life of Antonia (24) upside down

Her father was an Italian and her mother is Scandinavian, but Antonia Picardi wanted to know more about her origins.…

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Do you feel down or unmotivated? This may be the cause

That our mood and motivation is determined by various factors is no longer a secret. According to new research conducted…

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