Most expensive medicine in the world comes on the market: $2.1 million

The Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis has been allowed to sell the most expensive drug in the world in the United…

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“No skirt and cap, record not valid”: Guinness Book tells fastest woman

A nurse who ran the London marathon in her work clothes to tighten the world record of fastest woman in…

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Single? 5 scientific reasons why that is just good for your health

Are single pathetic? Think again! After all, it has many benefits for your health. 5 scientific reasons why that is…

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Pollen is not only responsible for asthma and hay fever

Pollen is not only responsible for asthma and hay fever, but the pollen is also an underlying factor of viral…

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How reading changes your brain (and your relationship to others)

What are the benefits of reading on the brain?

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New research shows what a broken heart does to your body and brain

From barely eating or sleeping to palpitations: the consequences of a broken heart are often not to be underestimated. A…

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Most 50 polluted cities in the world are from 2 countries

The most 50 polluting cities in the world are all come from three countries of the same continent. This is…

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How long you have to be in the shower according to dermatologists

Despite the fact that a hot shower is a perfect remedy for a gray winter day, the heat is not…

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