Alysha McNair 21 – “Change my lifestyle drastically or die”

Alysha McNair once weighed 172 kilos, now only 89 kilos remain. “I was faced with the choice: to change my…

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Drinking lemon water in the morning is not as healthy as you think

Maybe it’s the lemons, maybe it’s the water. Whatever the reason: lemon water is hip in the wellness world. It…

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Obesity, malnutrition and climate change: 3 biggest threats to the world’s population

Obesity, malnutrition and climate change are the three biggest threats to the world’s population. These, at first sight, very different…

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Drunk man that swallow poisonous fish ends in hospital

People do stupid things when they have drunk a glass too much. Some dance or something that should look like…

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Decorate your bathroom? These are the trends of 2019

Looking for a new bathroom? According to building site Livios and bathroom specialist X2o, the trends of 2019 focus on…

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Why men always seem to exaggerate when they are ill

A woman does not feel so well, a man pretends his last hour has been beaten. Yes, men can seriously…

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Beast or joy: man’s behaviour reveals how he is in bed

After a few dates you would like to ‘go a step further’. If you look a bit like Bridget Jones,…

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“Blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites”

A famous scientist, acclaimed as the “pioneer of DNA studies,” was stripped of his honorary titles for claiming that blacks…

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