Indian man of age 42 dies after eating 42 eggs

A man from India who tried to eat 50 eggs in an attempt to win a bet with his friend…

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Students put carton box on the head during the exam

A school has fallen into the eye of the storm after photos went viral showing students sitting in the classroom…

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Father finds buried baby alive during funeral of own daughter

A funeral of a still-born baby in northern India resulted in a horrible discovery. During the burial of their daughter,…

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1896 born monk goes by title oldest man ever: “my secret is never Sex and a lot of yoga”

Swami Sivananda, an Indian man who according to his passport was born on August 8, 1896, and should be 123…

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NASA: no trace of a ‘crashed’ lunar lander

A satellite flying by took pictures of the south side of the moon, where earlier this month an Indian lunar…

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Man (60) accidentally slits his throat during sword-fighting

Man accidentally slits his throat during sword fighting at Indian parade. The 60-year-old Indian would have accidentally killed himself on…

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India woman (74) gives birth to twins: “Only got pregnant now”

An older woman of 74 gave birth to twins in Guntur in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Erramatti Mangayamma…

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Dental surgeon removes 526 teeth from lump in 7-year-old boy’s mouth

Oral surgeons from a hospital in the Indian city of Chennai have removed 526 undeveloped teeth from the lower right…

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