Rabbi allegedly hold 50 women as slaves in Jerusalem

The Israeli police have arrested a rabbi who lived with 50 women in a closed building in the center of…

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Iranian elite army: Destruction of Israel is a goal within reach

The destruction of Israel is no longer a dream but a goal within reach. That is what Hossein Salami, a…

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Why Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar denied entry to Israel?

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were the first Muslim women in United States history to get a seat in the…

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Israel bombarded Hamas plants after rocket attack

Fighters of the Israeli army attacked installations of Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip last night. According to military…

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Netanyahu: “Germany will pay Holocaust survivors extra”

Germany will make more payments to the survivors of the Holocaust. That is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced…

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Fake resort in Sudan: daring plan in Mossad’s history to save 18,000 Ethiopian Jews

Who could distrust that luxurious hotel built in front of the Red Sea beach? That afternoon of 1970, in his…

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Heat record break in Israel: 50 degrees at the Dead Sea

In Israel, the heat record died yesterday. In the Sodom region, on the Dead Sea, it became a whopping 50…

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Israel calls new settlement on Golan Heights ‘Trump Heights’

The Israeli government today approved a decision to name a new settlement on the Golan Heights after US President Donald…

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