Italy authorized home-grown cannabis

From now on, Italians are allowed to grow cannabis at home on a small scale for their use. The Italian…

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Italian Monastery from 17th century to close after Mother Superior falls in love

An Italian monastery from the 17th century has to close after the Mother Superior has fallen in love with a…

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Hunter accidentally shoots his own father in Italy

A hunter in southern Italy accidentally shot his father. The 34-year-old man thought he was shooting a wild boar, according…

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Emotional bottle mail washes up on the beach: “my heart broke in 2 pieces”

A special find has been made on a beach near Morciano di Leuca in Apulia. A bottle washed up with…

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No trace of Emanuela, nor of German princesses: Vatican spits out

Where did the remains of two German princesses go? That question arises after two burial cellars were opened in a…

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Italy prosecutes the captain of a boat who, despite being banned, let migrants go ashore

Italy has informed the captain of the boat ‘Alex’, who entered the port of Lampedusa yesterday with over 40 picked…

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Circus Tigers grind Italian performer, play with his corpse

One of the world’s top athletes, during the rehearsal for a circus performance in Italy, was killed by his own…

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This pillow protects pedestrians distracted by smartphone

The Italian city of Bolzano has placed pillows on lampposts to protect pedestrians who are distracted by their smartphone. The…

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