North Korea refers Japanese Prime Minister Abe as “imbecile” and “stupidest man ever”

North Korea has lashed out at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his criticism. In a statement today, Pyongyang calls…

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Japanese (72) arrested for calling 24,000 times to customer service provider

71-year-old man was arrested for complaining about 24,000 times over the phone to his cell phone provider in two years…

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Japanese probe sends small robots to explore asteroid, searching for origins of life

The unmanned Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 sent a small capsule to float over the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, confirms the…

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Almost 40 people in Tokyo already succumbed to heatwave

In the Japanese capital, Tokyo, at least 39 people have died since the beginning of August as a result of…

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Beach at Fukushima open eight years after disaster

Eight years after the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a new beach was opened for the first time…

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Japanese ships are ready to catch ‘delicacy’ whales again

In the port of Kushiro, a fleet of ships is ready to start catching ‘delicacy’ whales in two weeks. After…

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Japanese father arrested for punishing children with a taser

A 45-year-old Japanese from Kitakyushu was arrested because he used a taser to punish his three children. It is yet…

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Extra measures against tourist vandalism in Japan

Additional warning signs at the largest dunes in Japan should make it clear to tourists once and for all: engraving…

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