Kenyan teacher killed for ‘confiscating a phone’

Three students were arrested for the murder of a teacher in Kenya after the confiscation of a mobile phone. Peter…

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Infidelity: man stuck in between the legs of a married woman [Video]

A man from Kenya found himself stuck in between the legs of a married woman, according to several local media…

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Huddah: I have dated billionaires, wealth is not sexually transmitted

Huddah Monroe, the superstar of social networks in Kenya, is once again making headlines for its controversial publication. In a…

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SAS soldier who saved lives in Kenya followed 3 deadly principles

Who dares to win. That is the motto of the British SAS, the most specialized military unit in the world.…

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Attack at the 14 Riverside: attackers forged car registration number

Confusion as the similar car with the same registration number found elsewhere after terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside drive,…

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Pamela Watara: Girl 21, with the biggest boob in Ghana [Photos]

A young student, Pamela Watara, has become very popular in Ghana through her sumptuous and gigantic chest. Aged 21, the…

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Terror group al-Shabaab attacks hotel and office complex in Nairobi

The Somalian terror group al-Shabaab says they are behind a terrorist attack in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. They targeted a…

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I married 2 wives same day as a message to “cheating husbands”

Tom Junior Mako, 27, married his two wives at the same day of the same ceremony. The event is at…

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