Liberia demands restitution of African artifacts stolen by Westerners [Video]

The government of Liberia has announced its determination to continue to press for the return of all stolen artifacts in…

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In Liberia, senator donates half of salary to his constituency

In Liberia, opposition politician Abraham Darius Dillion announced that he had imposed a wage cut on himself. The New Liberty…

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Weah suspends a media officer for tribal hatred

Liberian President and former football star George Weah suspended his deputy minister of information, Eugene Fahngon, for stirring up tribal…

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Snakes in George Weah’s office

The Liberian president George Weah is forced to work from home because of two snakes found in his office. This…

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CAN 2019: Liberia doesn’t want to play in DRC because of Ebola

Liberia wants the match scheduled on 24th March in Kinshasa to be relocated to another country because of fears over…

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The son of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf arrested in Liberia

Charles Sirleaf and four other senior officials of the Central Bank of Liberia, including the former governor of this financial…

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Liberians broke up celebrating Christmas

For more than a month, Liberians have struggled to get cash from their bank. Broke, they prepare hard for Christmas…

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George Weah orders officials to declare their property

Liberian President George Weah has ordered officials who have not yet declared their property to do so within a week.…

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