Attempted bribery of constitutional judges in Malawi

No incident was noted during the demonstrations which took place under high police surveillance in the streets of the capital…

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In Lake Malawi, women exchange sex for fish

Poverty is driving women in Lake Malawi to exchange sex for fish. The prevalence of poverty in many lake-bordering communities…

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British soldier killed by elephant during mission in Malawi

A British soldier died in an operation against poachers in the African country of Malawi. According to reports, the soldier…

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Malawi: Sentenced to death for killing an albino

A 28-year-old man was sentenced to death for having killed a 19-year-old albino to enrich himself. In court, the murderer…

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Malawi gives go-ahead for first major antimalarial vaccine

Tomorrow the first major test with the most advanced malaria vaccine will be launched in Malawi, Africa. The disease still…

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Hurricane Idai: Death rises above 770, aids fear disease outbreaks

The death toll after the devastating passage of cyclone Idai has risen to 775. Most of the victims, 460, fell…

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The executioner was too tired to execute me 3 times – Byson Kaula says

It may be called a small miracle that Byson Kaula still lives today. The man from Malawi was sentenced to…

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Malawi: Man arrested for sleeping with a goat,”but I took permission”

Police in Mchinji, Malawi, arrested a 21-year-old man suspected of making love with a goat and accused him of bestiality.…

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