Auwch! These marriage proposals from celebrities were painful

Last week Veerle Baetens was a guest in ‘Van Gils and guests’ to promote her new film. There she admitted…

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Millionaire/stinkfruit grower offers money to who will marry his daughter

A Thai grower of durians – a prickly fruit that smells like rotting cadavers and sewage water – offers almost…

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Weird: wedding bells after more than 20 years of relationship

It must have happened: after a relationship of more than twenty years, of which they have been engaged for eight…

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Samantha (19) married to Jr (62): “They call him a pedophile, that must stop”

She is 19, he is 62 … Between Samantha and JR is an age difference of no less than 43…

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Jennifer Lawrence 28, engaged: how her complicated love life works

Jennifer Lawrence (28) has engaged to her friend Cooke Maroney (33). The two met each other last June. According to…

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Inter-clan couples threatened with deportation

In some parts of Ethiopia, the caste system makes marriage between people of different origins difficult. Those considered “lower castes”…

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Prime Minister Tonga calls on female officials to marry

The prime minister of the kingdom of Tonga, an island group in the Pacific, has called on female officials to…

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Man and woman enter into marriage a few hours after their first meeting

On Boxing Day, a man and a woman who hardly knew each other and only saw each other a few…

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