Man cancels ninth marriage at the last minute: “I felt no love”

A 71-year-old Briton, known in his native country as the man who married the most, canceled his upcoming marriage with…

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These opening sentences work best for men

When men open a conversation with an opening sentence, it’s often not a bull’s-eye but what about the ladies? Do…

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“Men should marry 2 women to reduce rate of adultery” – gospel singer

Stella Aba Seal, a famous Ghanaian gospel singer, has openly advocated for men to be allowed to marry two women…

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Crazy chairchallenge goes viral: most women can do it, but men often can’t

On social media chairchallenge goes viral, which is remarkably easy for women to do, while men tend not to succeed…

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Man died after dangling for hours upside down at a 90m high chimney

The man, who hung for hours in Carlisle, in the north-west of England, upside down on a nearly 90-meter high…

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How the man who did not drink a drop always got drunk

Man arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol to have no less than 0.2 percent blood alcohol: 2.5 times…

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1896 born monk goes by title oldest man ever: “my secret is never Sex and a lot of yoga”

Swami Sivananda, an Indian man who according to his passport was born on August 8, 1896, and should be 123…

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Man died in a flat for eight years without anyone noticing

For eight years, a German man was lying dead in his apartment before he was discovered. Next to his dead…

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