Young waiter joins lonely veteran (91) and endears Facebook

A 91-year-old war veteran, known as Frank, came to eat alone at the Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Dylan…

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Austrian takes ice bath of 2 hours, 8 minutes and improves world record

An Austrian has sharpened the world record “Longest Duration Full Body Contact With Ice” in Vienna this afternoon, say ice…

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“Cannabis vs. Alcohol”: Gascoigne challenges Snoop Dogg for boxing

After an Instagram post from Snoop Dogg in which the rapper highlighted the excessive use of alcohol by the former…

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What men’s Football can learn from Women’s Football

Women’s football matches have traditionally been marked by fewer fouls, boxes, and acts of indiscipline than matches between men’s teams.…

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Will lace outfits be the new summer fashion for men?

If it is up to the American fashion brand Hologram City, men can show themselves with confidence in the street…

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Don’t feel like exercising? Thai clinic introduces instant six-pack

The Masterpiece hospital in the Thai capital Bangkok has introduced an innovative plastic surgery technique with which men can get…

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Failed penis enlargements “problem” in Papua New Guinea

Doctors in Papua New Guinea warn of an emerging “national problem”: failed penis enlargements. Men have foreign liquids injected into…

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7 reasons to believe that the world is designed without women

The world is better for both! But It’s as if the world is designed for men. Here are some examples…

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