Mexican ambassador resigns after being caught in shoplifting

The Mexican ambassador to Argentina, who was caught shoplifting a book in a shop in Buenos Aires in October, has…

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Heaviest man in the world loses 330 kilos and can finally walk again

35-year-old Mexican Juan Pedro Franco is no longer the heaviest man in the world. Franco weighed no less than 590…

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Boy (13) hides 6 children in scrub and walks more than 20 km to get help after his family is butchered before his eyes

A thirteen-year-old boy who remained unharmed in a ruthless attack on his family in Mexico is praised for his heroism.…

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Student hangs upside down on 6th floor for ultimate photo but out of luck

The attempt to perform an extreme yoga pose is disastrous for a Mexican student. Alexa Terrazas (23) hung upside down…

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World record of folk dance broken in Mexico

The Guinness Book of Records has a new record. In the Mexican city of Guadalajara, no fewer than 882 people…

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After a year the US finally has a new ambassador in Mexico

The new American ambassador Christopher Landau arrived in Mexico on Friday. The post was vacant for more than a year…

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El Paso attack: Mexico rejects ‘hate discourse’ and ‘white supremacy’

Mexico has sent a diplomatic note to the United States today rejecting the “hate discourse” and the concept of “white…

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Mexico’s finance minister grim-faced during job acceptance

A viral video went on the internet in which Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez appointed Oburo Arturo Herrera as new…

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