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Can a woman lead a religious community in Islam?

Can a woman lead a religious community in Islam? The debate has arisen since the third wife of a spiritual…

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Sinead O’Connor takes back racist remarks about ‘disgusting whites’

Sinead O’Connor (52) performs again. From now on she will do that as Shuhada Sadaqat after the Irish announced last…

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Wearing Burqa all your life isn’t normal “see a doctor” – Imam says

An imam and Muslim leader expressed his point of view on the use of the “burqa” in the Islamic religion.…

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Hate speech: YouTube removes channel of 14-year-old girl

YouTube has removed the 14-year-old Soph’s extreme right-wing channel. The girl gathered nearly a million followers by placing hate speech…

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Sri Lankan gov’t: mosques must hand over a copy of sermon

The government of Sri Lanka has asked several mosques to hand over a copy of their sermon and to exclude…


First model in burkini on cover of Sports Illustrated

The Somali-American model Halima Aden shows off on the cover of Sports Illustrated: not in a bikini, but in a…

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NTJ radical group behind the attack

The Sri Lankan authorities think that the local radical-Islamic group National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) carried out the bloody bombings of…


Sudan: a new Arab spring after Algeria?

This is the question that naturally comes to mind, as the aftermath of the Arab Spring was dramatic with the…

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