Police share photo of unusual ‘prisoner’ in Dutch cell

The police of Utrecht locked a remarkable ‘suspect’ in jail last week. The corps shared a photo of a winged…

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“This chair is really a cancer gay”: Boy pees on the train

The Dutch Railways (NS) has started a search for a young man who has peed on a train. From the…

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Pickpocket grabs something ‘heavy’, it turns out to be handcuffs from policeman

The Amsterdam police arrested two very awkward pickpockets yesterday. The unfortunate duo saw the policeman’s handcuffs for good loot. The…

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Herman Horion wants a woman to live with him for free

Eighty-year-old Herman Horion is tired of being alone, so he placed a sign in his front garden with a remarkable…

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Oops! Motorist ‘parks’ perfectly on the barrier of highway

It probably will not have been the intention, but a motorist in the Netherlands has managed to ‘park’ his/her car…

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Amazing: Escaped dog boards train to return on its own

An escaped dog running away from home has made a train trip on his own in the Netherlands. The animal…

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The most slogan of 2018: ‘We do women, but do not cut them’

Barbier Rogier, who cuts men and boys in Laren in North Holland, may call himself the proud owner of the…

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Peoples at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) sprayed with pepper spray

For the second time this weekend, a spray was sprayed during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in the Netherlands, probably…

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