Eleven deaths in Philippines after drinking coconut wine

Eleven people in the Philippines died this weekend after drinking coconut wine, which probably contained large amounts of methanol.

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Filipino squeezes herself into 2.5 kilos of clothes to save extra costs on luggage

What to do if your hand luggage weighs nine kilos, but has to pay an extra seven kilos or more?…

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Saudi ties Filipino housemaid to tree as punishment

A Filipino housekeeper is tied to a tree in the Saudi capital Riyadh as a punishment. The reason? Lovely Ascosta…

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Binalonan, Filipino village where nobody is allowed to gossip

When the temperatures rise and it is too hot to sit inside, the inhabitants of Binalonan, a small village in…

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Tsunami alarm already lifted after heavy earthquake in the Philippines

The Philippines were hit by an earthquake with a force of 6.9. The epicentre was located 59 kilometres deep, about…

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Fanatical: A baby develops “horns” after surgery [Photos]

What could lead to what some people can imagine as devil’s horn! This is a case of a baby with…

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Stewardess breastfeeds a passenger’s baby on board

A flight attendant of Philippine Airlines turned out to be the saving angel on a domestic flight in the Philippines…

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