Diversifying Oil and Gas Sector through Increased Gas Utilization

The exploration and production of oil in Nigeria started over five decades ago and in recent years, I have watched…

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Air trafficking: Why a total marginalization of Africa?

African air traffic accounts for only 3% of world traffic. This figure is a challenge on a continent in full…

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Gender Inequality and Discrimination of Women in Conflict Resolution in Africa

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), gender can be defined in the following words: “…the qualities with men…

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Who dominates in the industrial world competition?

There is a real match for industrial supremacy in the world between Europe, the United States, Japan and China, and…

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Children of working mothers are equally happy, proves the study

Working mothers who go out to work sometimes feel guilty because their absence would be bad for the development of…

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Which insurance policies should not be left out?

Do you also think of which insurance policies should not be left out? With these six insurance policies, an average…

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To pay less for your debt balance insurance? Stop smoking

Do you think about taking out a loan for building or buying a home? Honestly: then you better stop smoking…

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Two scandals per day can’t harm him: “Be sure that Trump can be re-elected”

Donald Trump piles up the scandals – already at a pace of two in a day. As bad as that…

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