I locked my boyfriend’s freedom using Juju for 4 years [Photos]

A student of the University of Zambia, identified as Majory Kabwata, confessed that she had locked up her boyfriend’s freedom…

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“Men are afraid to date us,” Ghanaian nurses lament

Some of the pretty and charming Ghanaian nurses lament the fact that men no longer date them or approach them…

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But these ten famous exes still had to work together

During a recent interview on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, actor Martin Freeman said it wasn’t really fun to film…

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A study reveals that by 2030 couples may stop lovemaking

A British statistician who is in charge of carrying out a controversial investigation, reveals that couples may stop lovemaking by…

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Single? 5 scientific reasons why that is just good for your health

Are single pathetic? Think again! After all, it has many benefits for your health. 5 scientific reasons why that is…

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Brad and Angelina finally want to be officially single

The divorce of Hollywood’s most famous glamor couple is still not completely finished after almost three years. Brad Pitt and…

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How do you handle it if someone doesn’t like you?

We want our friends, our colleagues and even the unknown man who spoke to us on the bus to like…

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“My love, don’t die, please forgive me”: lady pleas after stabbing her boyfriend

“My love, don’t die, please forgive me,” the plea of a lady who stabbed her boyfriend in the stomach, after…

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