Ex-wife of billionaire demands 5.8 billion but settle for 75 million: “I have to live in poverty”

The ex-wife of one of the richest men in Russia got the lid on when she tried in a British…

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Russia doubts US operation against IS leader: “No convincing evidence”

The Russian Ministry of Defense today requested evidence for the US operation that led to the death of IS leader…

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Fight between Russian influencer and the plastic surgeon who treated her

A lip treatment ended with a scuffle between a Russian influencer and the female plastic surgeon who treated her.

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Three Russian sailors freed by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, in a statement, the release of three Russian sailors kidnapped in mid-August in…

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Russian priests sprinkle holy water from plane to cure alcoholism in the city

Three Russian Orthodox priests have sprinkled 70 liters of holy water over the city of Tver from a sports plane…

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Father loses daughter in train and finds her back 20 years later: “He begs for forgiveness”

An equally moving and bizarre family reunion in Belarus: a father and his daughter are back together after 20 grueling…

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NATO and Russia in talks again about the 1987 rocket treaty

NATO and Russia are once again discussing the imminent end of the INF missile treaty. Both parties will sit together…

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Russian woman walks around for 23 years with surgical clamp in her stomach

A Russian woman has discovered that she has been walking around with a metal surgical clamp in her belly for…

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