Dyatlov: Russians again under the spell of horror on ‘dead mountain’

The Russian television and public prosecutor reopen the perhaps greatest mystery of Russia: the Dyatlov pass incident, in which nine…

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Moscow is preparing for heaviest snowfall in 70 years

Heavy snowfall severely disrupted road and air traffic around the Russian capital Moscow yesterday. There were long traffic jams on…

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Russia threatens to block Facebook and Twitter

Russia threatens to block Twitter and Facebook across the country. The social networking sites are obliged to store data about…

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“Putin laughs in his fist for Brexitchaos and American shutdown”

On both sides of the Atlantic, two centuries-old democracies – which the former Soviet Union still ‘battled’ together during the…

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Turkey and Russia promise to “eradicate” terror in Syria

Turkey and Russia continue to cooperate in Syria to eradicate terror. High-ranking government representatives today agreed in Moscow, the Turkish…

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Damaged Soyuz capsule with three astronauts ISS landed safely

A Russian Soyuz capsule has landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan today. With the capsule, three spacemen returned to…

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US to fight Russian and Chinese interests in Africa

The United States says its new strategy for Africa will now be to focus on controlling the growing influence of…

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France starts investigation into “Russian interference” in ‘yellow vests’ protest

The Kremlin denies any involvement in the movement of the yellow vests. According to Russia, every allegation that the country…

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