Oldest mushroom discovered in Congo: 810 million years old

Biologists have found the fossil remains of probably the oldest mushroom in a piece of rock from Congo. It is…

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Scientists develop new life form: the ‘living robot’

Scientists say they have succeeded in creating a new form of life. It is a living, programmable organism. “But the…

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Magnetic north keeps shifting to Siberia: what if the two poles change places?

The magnetic north pole on earth has been moving faster in recent years than in the past four centuries and…

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More than 11,000 scientists exclaim “climate emergency”: “Humanity must take action”

More than 11,000 scientists from 153 countries have proclaimed a “climate emergency” approaching us that could lead to “unseen human…

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How the man who did not drink a drop always got drunk

Man arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol to have no less than 0.2 percent blood alcohol: 2.5 times…

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China shows privately developed reusable space rocket Hyperbola-2

The Chinese private space developer i-Space has, following the American SpaceX of Teslabaas Elon Musk, presented a reusable rocket. A…

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Search for extraterrestrial life: China shows first photo of Mars explorer to pave way

China has distributed the very first photo of his Martian explorer. It will be launched towards the red planet in…

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‘Success photo’ of Ocean Cleanup plastic catcher worries biologists

The photo was meant to radiate success – finally, Boyan Slat’s plastic trap is working – but marine biologists especially…

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