Woman (45) electrocuted after dropping cell phone into bathtub

A 45-year-old woman who was in the bath was killed by electrocution. Everything indicates that she dropped her cell phone…

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Xiaomi unveils Mi CC9 Pro with five cameras

Xiaomi has announced its Mi CC9 Pro smartphone with five cameras. The device includes a 108-megapixel sensor from Samsung and…

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From Simon to iPhone: how smartphone evolved for the past 25 years

Exactly 25 years ago the first ‘smartphone’ was on the shelves: a black, log box with a monochrome screen that…

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Need good Bluetooth earphones? These are our tips

There are more and more smartphones on the market that no longer have a traditional audio connection, which means that…

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Forget those expensive Galaxies and iPhones: these smartphones rock

When you are looking for a new smartphone you do not only have to look at the ‘big three’: there…

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How your iPhone shares your data while you sleep

A number of popular apps send personal information to third parties without informing users about it. This is apparent from…

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Time for other smartphones? Pay close attention to these 4 points

There are countless numbers of smartphones on the market today, making it increasingly difficult for an ordinary user to find…

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Who really has the best smartphone: Apple, Samsung or Huawei?

For those who want a real hit as a smartphone, the battle today is between the Samsung Galaxy S10+, the…

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