South Africa

What we know about Fiona Viotti and Sex scandal at school in South Africa

In South Africa, a boarding school teacher has became discredited because she had a sexual relationship with at least five…

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Sante! The makers put droppings of elephants in this gin: “Very tasty”

The producers swear it’s not a joke: South African gin makers have pulled their drink with feces from elephants. It…

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The first African country to build roads with recycled plastic

South Africa has become the first African country to build a road with recycled plastic milk bottles.

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3 women beat lady for sleeping with a married taxi driver [Video]

In South Africa, three women beat a young lady, Dolly Maila (20), reason: she slept with a married taxi driver.…

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Xenophobic violence: South Africa must take action

On a three-day visit to South Africa, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari called on South Africa to take steps to ensure…

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On average of 58 murders per day in South Africa

In South Africa, 21,022 people were killed in one year, which amounts to an average of 58 murders per day.…

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Seven things South Africa lost due to Xenophobic attacks

South Africa is currently hit by a surge of xenophobic violence in its largest city, drawing criticism from other African…

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South Africa closes embassy in Nigeria

South Africa temporarily closed its diplomatic missions in Nigeria following retaliatory attacks triggered by xenophobic violence in South Africa. Between…

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