Chess legend Magnus Carlsen lifts record of highest number of unbeaten

Chess legend Magnus Carlsen has set a record series of undefeated matches. The Norwegian has not lost more than 113…

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Cycling Brit creates reindeer on Strava in 9 hours

Almost Christmas, so time for Anthony Hoyte to publicize his annual specialty: a cycle route that creates a figure on…

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Usain Bolt considered a comeback for Tokyo 2020

The World Athletics Championship starts today for the first time since 2005 without Usain Bolt. The Jamaican is not even…

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Extreme cyclist breaks record on 37 floors of hotel in Berlin

A Pole has broken his own Guinness record in Berlin with a unique bicycle. Krystian Herba (38) rode up and…

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Dalilah Muhammad sets new world record at 400m hurdles

The American Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad set a world record in women’s 400-meter hurdles at the American Championships in Des…

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Thierry Sabine lost in desert, created Dakar and died in desert

Seeing the face of death must be a hinge in the life of any person. Thierry Sabine knew it well,…

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This must be the biggest rage outburst ever in tennis

A bad day at work, it happens to all of us. The Spanish tennis player Mario Vilella Martinez, however, found…

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As a male athlete, he represents nothing, as a woman, she took the title: “Not fair!”

Eyebrows were scowled during the women’s 400-meter hurdles at the American Championship of the NCAA (National College Athletic Association). The…

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