Sri Lanka

“A monstrous act”: president releases murderer from a wealthy family before leaving

The outgoing president of Sri Lanka has caused a great commotion by granting a condemned murderer of a Swedish girl…

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Sri Lankan gov’t: mosques must hand over copy of sermon

The government of Sri Lanka has asked several mosques to hand over a copy of their sermon and to exclude…

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Zahran died in Sri Lankan attacks, police warns of new attacks

The Sri Lankan extremist Zahran Hashim, one of the key figures in the attacks in Sri Lanka, died in those…

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Inshaf and Ilham, rich brothers that blew themselves in Sri Lanka

Two rich brothers blew themselves up in hotels Sri Lanka: "Inshaf is a psychopath, he deserves punishment in hell"

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Security video shows Sri Lanka’s suicide bomber with backpack

Almost two days after the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, in which around 300 people died, a security video pops…

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Who are the victims of bloody attacks in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka mourns the 290 dead and some 500 injured after the bombings. Most of the victims come from the…

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NTJ radical group behind the attack

The Sri Lankan authorities think that the local radical-Islamic group National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) carried out the bloody bombings of…

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Three children of Danish billionaire killed in Sri Lanka bombings

Three children of the Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen also died in the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Povlsen is…

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