Comedian held because of this ‘face swap’ with president

A famous comedian from Tanzania is held because he has swapped his face on a photo of President John Magafuli…

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Tanzania – Magufuli: “You did an excellent job by beating them up”

Tanzanian President John Magufuli congratulated a senior official in a region of his country for beating high school students accused…

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Tanzania arrests man in possession of 338 pieces of elephant tusks

In Dar es Salaam, A man who has been wanted since 2016 and has owned 338 pieces of elephant tusks,…

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Tanzanian journalist arrested for ‘fake news’

Joseph Gandye, who works for Watetezi TV, a station created last year by the Tanzanian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders…

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SADC calls for lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe

The sanctions are detrimental not only to the country’s economy but to those of its neighbors, said Tanzanian President John…

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At least 60 dead in tanker explosion in Tanzania

The tanker overturned in the town of Morogoro in central Tanzania. Most of the dead would have rushed to siphon…

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Tanzania women crying out on 25% tax on wigs, hair extensions

The Tanzanian Finance Minister has announced a 25% tax on all imported wigs and hair extensions and a 10% tax…

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African tribes that practice lip plate [Photos]

In Africa, the tradition of modification of lips known as lip plate is being practiced by the women of Mursi…

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