Thai king fires ‘royal bedrooms guards’ for adultery and ‘inappropriate acts’

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn has fired four palace officials, including two for adultery and “extremely malicious” behavior. Two lieutenant colonels,…

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Fraudulent groom arrested who left bride after wedding with very expensive bill

A man who had acted as a millionaire was arrested in Thailand at Bangkok airport after he left his bride…

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Father ties epileptic son to tree

In Thailand, a father has tied his son to a tree. The 13-year-old boy suffered from epileptic seizures. The father…

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Affectionate Cat clambered and lay down on his face

A man who kept dreaming at night that he couldn’t breathe has discovered by chance how that happened. His affectionate…

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71-year-old man sexually abuse 89-year-old neighbor

Police in Trang, southern Thailand, arrested a 71-year-old man after he admitted abusing his 89-year-old neighbor. But when the policemen…

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Doctor removes tiny baby lizard from Thai woman’s ear

At Rajavithi Hospital in the Thai capital Bangkok, a young woman who had been complaining of extreme earache for days…

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She gave birth in the toilet, cut umbilical cord and dumps the baby in garbage

In a gray bag in the garbage, a mother in Thailand dumped her newborn baby. The 29-year-old woman was caught…

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Dog swims over 200 kilometers in the sea before being saved

A brave dog probably swam about 220 kilometers in the Gulf of Thailand before it could be rescued by drilling…

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