Friends rent for €6,200 via Booking non-existent villa in Croatia

For a group of French friends, the summer of 2019 is now synonymous with a financial hangover and a ruined…

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Rome is tired of tourist nuisance and these measures should put an end

Rome is tired of the misbehavior of many tourists. With a lot of new rules, the city council hopes to…

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Mayor of Rome wants to blacklist destructive tourists

Virginia Raggi, the mayor of Rome, is tired of the many vandalisms of tourists in her city. After three tourists…

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“When I saw the rescue helicopter, I started to cry like a small child”

A British tourist who blindly trusted the app on his smartphone when designing a walking route in Canada, ended up…

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Due to administrative error: Dutch tourist (35) lands in American cell

A Dutch tourist got the fright of her life when the American customs arrested her last week and locked up…

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