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Joy and sorrow spatter from British front pages

The British newspapers are very divided about the preliminary election results. “Nightmare for Christmas” wails the left-wing Daily Mirror, while…

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Sue Radford! The most fertile family in Great Britain

Baby number 22! The most fertile family in Great Britain adds another. However, Sue Radford (44) and her husband Noel…

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Starbucks wants to chase homeless man that gets lunch paid by good Samaritan: “Isn’t he human?”

A hungry homeless man from England was delighted when a worried passer-by paid him a lunch at the local Starbucks.…

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Boy (16) commits suicide after classmate betrays his sexual orientation on social media

Channing Smith went through hell mentally: a so-called girlfriend from his class had leaked his spicy messages with a boy…

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Climate activists hijack London fashion week

On the last day of London Fashion Week, the climate action group Extinction Rebellion organised a fake funeral to discuss…

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Parents hide child’s gender for 17 months: “He or she can choose what it will be”

A couple from Keynsham in southwest England has been keeping the gender of their baby Anoush secret from the outside…

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Man gets parachute jump as gift from his wife and falls to pieces

A parachute jump that a 55-year-old Briton received as a gift from his wife in honor of their 30-year marriage…

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After ten sons, the couple finally have a daughter

They may be the first British couple to have ten (!) Sons in succession. But after seventeen years of ‘practice’,…

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