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Huge drug capture at London airport turns out to be cake mix

At Gatwick Airport in London, a passenger was intercepted last Wednesday with a suitcase full of large bags of white…

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‘Youngest father in UK’ made a mess of his life after the shocking paternity test

A British young man who has once proclaimed ‘the youngest father in the United Kingdom’ appears to have made a…

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‘Star Trek’ actor Chris Obi arrested: “He abused six students”

British actor Chris Obi (51), best known for the Netflix series “Star Trek: Discovery”, has been arrested on suspicion of…

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Born the same day in the same hospital and married 23 years later

James and Amy arrived at the same hospital in Lancashire, England on the same day, with a few hours difference…

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Woman sends holiday photo to parents but accidentally shows more than she wanted

A British woman who was on holiday in Turkey with her boyfriend and wanted to send a selfie to her…

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Mum who had baby after long IVF treatments abuse child with fatal consequences

A British woman who for years tried in vain to conceive and eventually had a baby after fertility treatment is…

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Woman who forced ex-husband to clean house has new boyfriend: a cleaner

A British woman, who was indicted last year by her husband for having forced him to clean the house every…

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Josie Birds (93) wants to know what it feels to be naughty and arrested

93-year-old Josie Birds from Manchester, UK, has always led a very neat life. Curious about what it feels like to…

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