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No phone for a month or access to your social media: Madelynn chose the last

Parents offered their daughter Madelynn the choice: either a month without a smartphone or give daddy access to your social…

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Wife discovers that husband cheats on photo at restaurant review

Tom Sietsema, a restaurant reviewer at the American newspaper Washington Post, was accidentally involved in an embarrassing case of adultery.

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Couple sets robbery to buy engagement rings with loot

An American couple celebrates Thanksgiving in jail after their misguided criminal plan. It seemed nice: at Walmart department store buy…

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Marcus begs for new kidney during a football match and goes viral

While other fans wrote a funny message hoping to get into the picture briefly during a football match, Marcus Edwards,…

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Craig ‘The Hulk’ from Las Vegas, muscle bundle worked up from 68 to 159Kg

Craig Golias “the hulk” is a huge bodybuilder from Las Vegas who is constantly pushing the boundaries of his body…

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US government opens investigation into popular Chinese app TikTok

The US government has launched an investigation into the acquisition of the popular TikTok app by the Chinese company ByteDance.

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‘Trick or treat’: how Halloween as a Celtic feast underwent a fascinating metamorphosis

Halloween – the day for All Saints’ Day – is more popular than ever in some regions, but it nevertheless…

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Russia doubts US operation against IS leader: “No convincing evidence”

The Russian Ministry of Defense today requested evidence for the US operation that led to the death of IS leader…

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