More than a thousand deaths from cyclone Idai in Mozambique

The number of deaths after the passage of cyclone Idai in Mozambique can amount to more than 1,000. President Filipe…

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Do Zimbabweans regret the departure of Robert Mugabe?

While Robert Mugabe celebrated his 95th birthday today, many Zimbabweans regret the departure of the former president. Robert Mugabe was…

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Walter Magaya convicted over ‘Aguma HIV/Aids herbal cure’

Walter Magaya was arrested last November by police after seizing an herbal drug known as Aguma, that he says could…

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Zimbabwean government puts people without internet

The government of Zimbabwe ordered the largest telecom company in the country to take out internet services. The measure probably…

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A stolen silver suitcase from Mugabe

Three people suspected of stealing a suitcase containing $150,000 in cash from Robert Mugabe appeared this week in Zimbabwean court.…

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Chinese arrested in Zimbabwe for trafficking rhinoceros horns

In Zimbabwe seven Chinese nationals appeared in court on Thursday, in the tourist town of Victoria Falls. They were arrested…

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Erdington, the traditional doctor that can restore women’s virginity

In Zimbabwe, several women flocks to a traditional doctor who claims to be able to restore the virginity of women.…

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The economic crisis is hurting the Christmas mood in Zimbabwe

Many families will not be able to enjoy the holidays due to shortages. Zimbabwe is going through the worst economic…

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