Zimbabwe: end of the nurses’ strike

Thousands of nurses dismissed by the Zimbabwean government for striking went out of their way to begin negotiations with the…

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Zimbabwe: Mugabe summoned by parliament for the disappearance of diamonds

The former Zimbabwean head of state Robert Mugabe called to appear before Parliament on Friday, May 9, to explain the…

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Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Fires 16,000 Striking Nurses

In Zimbabwe, “politically oriented” strikers have been fired. In Zimbabwe, some 16,000 nurses have decided to strike, in order to…

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Zimbabwe: the first independence ceremony without Mugabe

Zimbabwe celebrated her 38th anniversary on Wednesday, April 18th, For the first time, this anniversary took place without former President…

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Zimbabwe returns to the Commonwealth

Zimbabwe renews ties with the Commonwealth, five months after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe. The country is participating…

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Vadoma: The Zimbabwe tribe that has only two toes on each foot

The Vadoma people, also known as the Bantwana tribe, which means children/descendants, is a tribe living in northern Zimbabwe, mainly…

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Zimbabwe: President pardon some prisoners

In Zimbabwe, as in many other countries in especially in Africa, it is usually during Independence Day that we witness…

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Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe speaks for the first time

In Zimbabwe, the tension is palpable between the current and former president. For the first time since his departure, Robert Mugabe…

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