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The Congolese celebrate Christmas as best they can

The feast of the Nativity is one of the best-celebrated festivities usually in Kinshasa. But this year, between economic crisis and political uncertainties, the context is special.

In front of a fresh food store, in the Congolese capital, dozens of customers jostle each other. Kimbonza, a good citizen, would also like to please his three children, but this worker struggles to fill his shopping cart: “We are in trouble, we have trouble preparing the party. It’s hard”. Not far away, Fidelie, a housewife, was able to buy food, but she does not have enough money for drinks.

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This year in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the electoral agenda has become encrusted in the calendar of the festivities of end of the year.

Data that raises anxiety among some, indifference in others who still want to have fun.


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