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July 20: terrible extraterrestrial prophecy that alarms the internet

Since 2012, prophecies about the end of the world, extraterrestrial contacts or catastrophic events attributed to paranormal situations have paraded…

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Instagram tests the end of public likes: “It’s not a popularity contest”

Instagram has started a test to see if the social medium can continue without public likes. In Australia, users no…

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Flesh-eating bacteria: Man dies 48 hours after trip to the beach

An American woman explained on Facebook how her father died two days after an innocent trip to the beach due…

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7 tips to sleep like a baby on the plane

A long vacation to an exotic destination has one major disadvantage: you have to endure a long flight. Tight seats,…

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DNA test turned the life of Antonia (24) upside down

Her father was an Italian and her mother is Scandinavian, but Antonia Picardi wanted to know more about her origins.…

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New clothing on the market that protects babies from radiation

Nowadays, many people cannot live without WiFi and their beloved smartphone. For some parents, this raises questions: is that radiation…

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Lightsail 2 in space: spacecraft orbiting the Earth in sunlight

An experimental spacecraft began its mission today. A solar sail, called LightSail 2, was launched from the US Space Station…

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In 2008, Google removed three million fake profiles

Last year, Google removed over three million corporate fake profiles from the well-known component Maps. The search giver announces that…

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