The facts took place this weekend in the mountains of Ayacucho, near Vinchos, Peru.

Aurelia Quispe, 38, convinced her brother and sister Percy Quispe, 41, and Marcelina Suane, 46, to sacrifice their mother in a satanic ritual to “please the devil”

They first stabbed their mother Teodora Quispe Ccayllahua, 75, and eviscerated her.

They removed his eyes and bowel with a knife and floated his body in his blood, in a bathtub.

The trio was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention. Aurelia told the investigators that she wanted to kill her mother after making a strange dream when she was told she was elected.

“The master of darkness ordered me to kill my mother. The king of demons is always with us, we will be stronger day after day,” explained the thirties.

They all risk being jailed for life.


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