USA: Accused of sexual harassment, Donald Trump reacts

US President Donald Trump has condemned the Washington Post for publishing an article about a woman who claims that he allegedly kissed her in 2006 in the lobby of the Trump Tower, where she was employed.

In a tweet, Donald Trump denied this accusation, saying that such a thing never happened.

“A woman I do not know and as far as I can remember has never met,” said in front page of the Washington Post Fake News that I kissed her (for two minutes) in the lobby of the Trump Tower. 12 years ago. It never happened! Who would do this in a public place with security cameras…,” wrote Donald Trump.

In a second tweet, he wrote: “Another false accusation. Why does the Washington Post not write about women who accept money to invent stories about me? One of them was paid back his mortgage…”

In late 2017, 35-year-old Rachel Crooks reported on a television set that Donald Trump had kissed her by force in 2006. At that time, the young lady was 22 years old.

Crooks, a congressional candidate from Ohio, is one of the women who has accused President Trump of sexual misconduct.



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