A remarkable image from Barcelona: activists laid themselves naked on a sign for ‘World Vegan Day’. Like a piece of meat, they smeared under false blood, among other things, gigantic plates, fork and spoon, fake peas and carrots.

Animal Activists

The animal activists of AnimaNaturalis protested Thursday against the meat industry and meat consumption. “I literally crawl into the skin of an animal,” explains participant Barbara Barranco. “Imagine you are in a slaughterhouse, in the cold, with no one who cares for you and there is no escape, where death is the only way out.”

Vegan Day

It is not the first time that members of AnimaNaturalis in the Spanish city have come up with a striking protest. In 2016, for example, several vegans went out of the clothes, covered with blood and wrapped in gigantic meat packaging to draw attention to a meat-free diet that is “free from exploitation, animal suffering and death”.

“We encourage everyone not to eat meat and to join anyone who believes that even a day without meat can make a difference”, it sounded. The group also often protests scantily dressed against bullfighting.

Vegan Day: Animal activists dish themselves as a piece of meat for protest

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