A Japanese medical association attests the effects of the water cure.

In effect, the water cure allows to fight against certain genoa and diseases such as headache, tachycardia, bronchitis, malaise or menstrual pain.

Here’s how

1-On waking

Drink 4 glasses of 160 ml of water before brushing your teeth.

2-Wash your teeth and rinse your mouth.

Do not eat or swallow anything for 45 minutes after brushing your teeth.

3- After 45 minutes, you can have your usual breakfast.

4-After that, do not eat anything or swallow anything again for 2 hours.

Those who have difficulty drinking four glasses in the morning may start with a smaller amount and gradually reach the desired amount.

Water therapy is within the reach of everyone: for people who do not suffer from diseases, it will allow them to stay in shape. For the sick, this will help soothe the symptoms.

The following list explains the time of therapy according to diseases or ailments.

If you drink 4 glasses of water a day on a regular basis, following the order above, here is how long you need to heal.

1-Blood pressure (30 days)

2-Gastritis (10 days)

3-Diabetes (30 days)

4-Constipation (10 days)

The best part of all this is that this method has no side effects, except maybe going to the bathroom a little more often.

This therapy costs nothing and the effects are extremely good and effective for your health. Share it with your loved ones, it can only do them good.


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