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What a resume: Chinese boy (5) has “read ten thousand books”

In China, the curriculum vitae of a five-year-old boy went viral. The document, which counts no fewer than fifteen pages, describes the boy as self-assured and states, among other things, that he has already read more than ten thousand books.

To make it even more impressive, the boy, who remained anonymous, appears to be able to read in both Chinese and English. There is also a separate document attached to the CV with a list of the hundreds of books that the child has read this year alone. In addition, there is a separate world map attached to the CV, on which the countries have been coloured that the five-year-old has already visited.

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“Strong and can handle disappointments well”
The CV, which was put online by entertainment blogger Kai Ba on the social network Weibo, also creates information about the character of the child and describes him as ‘strong’. This character trait would be illustrated by the fact that he did not have to cry when he received his vaccination cessation. The boy’s hobbies are playing the piano, hip hop dance, football and the Chinese board game Go.

Elsewhere it is said that the boy can deal with disappointments well. “When I get a position, I can quickly adjust my mood and dedicate myself actively to my studies again”, it sounds. Even with the child’s emotional life would be okay: “I write three essays in English a week to express my feelings”, his CV ensures.

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‘Tiger parents’
We receive a critical message on Weibo. “It seems that I cannot reach more in my life than this child in five years,” says someone. Others say that after reading this resume they have done their own children’s wish in the fridge.

In China, the so-called ‘tiger parents’ are a concept: these people do everything they can to give their children the best possible upbringing in their eyes: expensive private schools and many extracurricular activities are part of the child’s later chance of social success to give.

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