Bare Australian makes cheering with bizarre stunt in full train

A bared Australian has caused hilarity in a full city train in Melbourne. Encouraged by fellow travelers, the man in Adam’s costume runs through the train set and uses the aisle as a slide. Although the streaker with the bare action risks a hefty fine, he gets the laughers on his hand with his video on Facebook.

The images, posted yesterday by a filming passenger on the Facebook page of The Lilydale line, show how metro travelers enthusiastically encourage the (except for his shoes) poodle-naked man as soon as he gets up. While covering his chimes with one hand and running to the front of the wagon with flowing hair, he gets high fives and is cheered loudly.

After his hilarious sprint through the metro, the striped runner takes a run and lets himself slide down the wet aisle on his bare bark. What exactly lies on the ground is not clear. Nor is it clear what inspires the man, but his stunt can count on applause from the spectators. “This is what it means to be Australian,” is the caption to the video.

Bare Australian makes cheering with bizarre stunt in full train
©Facebook/Lilydale train post

That patriotic inscription can count on much support. This is apparent from the responses to the Facebook post. “I love my country,” one of the respondents says. “This is the most Australian video I’ve seen this year,” another writes.

“Everything about this video is majestic.” Who the Australian is, remains a mystery for the time being and that is a good thing. His nudist stunt can put the man on a hefty fine, writes news site

Bare Australian makes cheering with bizarre stunt in full train
©Facebook/Lilydale train posting … and glides through the aisle.



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