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Couple fall from balcony during sex: man in danger

A couple was seriously injured in Le Cannet in southern France during their love game on the balcony of their holiday villa. The tourists were completely absorbed in the fuss just before noon on Saturday, fell over the balcony railing from the first floor and ended up 3.5 meters lower.

According to reports from Nice-Matin, the man, a Brit (30), is in danger to life while his partner, a Canadian (28) suffered minor injuries. She was on the balcony at the beginning of the game.

An eyewitness who saw from his own balcony what the two were doing called emergency services immediately after the fall.

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The fire brigade and the medical team of the SMUR rushed on the spot. The emergency doctor provided the initial care, after which the seriously injured man was taken to the hospital in the neighboring city of Cannes. His condition was still critical last night.

They were transported to Pasteur Hospital 2 in Nice.

The investigation initiated by the police will have to clarify the circumstances that led to this tragedy and determine if the couple was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.


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