Discover the new features of Whatsapp!

The WhatsApp app continues with a lot of surprises. The application has just launched a new update with several features.

Just at the beginning of the month, Mark Zuckerberg announced a change on the social network. This change involved group video calls and stickers.

Today, WhatsApp announces changes to the modes of operation in group discussions.

There are new tools for administrators, a catch-up system and an improved member search system.

No more mess in group conversations. The latest update of WhatsApp will allow administrators to have better management of groups.

Users will also have the opportunity to more easily read messages that were written while they were away.

Let’s find out together the list of new features of WhatsApp group

1] Resumption of group discussions
How it works? In the absence of a user, the application will highlight all the messages mentioning it with the @ button.

You can filter only messages that mention you or those that respond to one of your messages, thanks to the new @ magic button.

2] The administration tools
Administrators have their hands on the description of the group, but also the subject and the icon of the group. Today, thanks to the update, administrators can remove other administrators from their administrative functions (remove the rights on a WhatsApp group) … unless it is the creator of the group. The latter is protected.

3] The group description
You can now define a description, visible by all the members: subject of the group, interest, reminder…

4-Searching members
If you belong to a group of 250 people and you want to search for a specific member this becomes possible. WhatsApp has just made available to members an information page.

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