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Fifty opponents arrested in Cameroon

Activists of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, opposition party, were arrested Sunday in Bafoussam the chief town of the western region.

They are about fifty to have been arrested by the security forces. These activists came to respond to the call to protest launched by the opponent Maurice Kamto.

Arrived second to the last presidential in Cameroon, Maurice Kamto contests the results published by the Constitutional Council.

Jean Bonheur Tchouaffa, one of the MRC’s leaders in the western region, says he escaped arrest with the help of a police officer who recognized him.

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“While I was taking photos and videos, a policeman snapped me in. Almost all of my comrades were arrested and many are in bad shape,” he says.

Jean Bonheur Tchouaffa said that the arrests continued even after the demonstrations. “Everyone who wore polo shirts from the MRC, even if they were not in the demonstration, are at the stops.”



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